Are you suffering from stained, yellow teeth? You're not alone. In 2020, 37.0 million Americans used tooth-whitening products.

Everyone wants white teeth. Perfect teeth are always in style for a selfie or a professional photo shoot. But getting the flashy Hollywood smile isn't always as easy as going to the dentist and paying for teeth whitening. What if you want a do-it-at-home method?

We hear you. That's why we wrote this article, loaded with tips and tricks to get whiter teeth at home. Keep reading to learn how to make teeth whiter without the dentist's help.

1. Supplies Needed

To get whiter teeth, it is essential to gather the proper supplies beforehand. This includes things like an electric toothbrush, whitening toothpaste, an approved whitening mouthwash, and a soft-bristled interdental brush.

An electric toothbrush helps remove more plaque, while whitening toothpaste reduces discoloration and keeps your teeth healthy. The approved mouthwash can help prevent staining on the teeth, and the interdental brush can get into those hard-to-reach areas that the toothbrush may not reach. 

2. Natural Teeth Whitening Options

Many people strive to achieve a brighter, whiter smile, and many natural teeth whitening options exist. 

Brush your teeth with baking soda twice weekly to help remove surface stains and whiten teeth. Rinsing your mouth with black tea after brushing can also help to whiten your teeth naturally.

Do not consume acidic drinks or sugary drinks like soda and juices, and use a straw if you do; this will help prevent direct contact with your teeth and staining.

These methods are known to be effective ways to get whiter teeth at home and are natural teeth whitening options. 

3. Proper Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is necessary for achieving whiter teeth at home. Brushing and flossing twice daily is essential for removing plaque and maintaining good dental health. Additionally, a good diet can also help bring a brighter smile.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can also be used with an overall oral hygiene routine. Still, it should be done in moderation and checked with a dentist before trying a new product. Finally, regular professional dental cleanings are the most effective way to ensure teeth remain healthy and white.

4. Foods to Eat

Eating healthy foods is an integral part of achieving white teeth at home. Foods high in Vitamin D and calcium, such as yogurt, milk, and cheese, can help build enamel, one of the main factors in maintaining healthy white teeth.

Vitamin C in strawberries, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables can also improve enamel health. 

5. Habits for Maintaining a Brilliant Smile

Maintaining a brilliant smile involves more than just regular brushing and flossing. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, teeth-whitening trays, strips, and gels can help. Regular visits to the dentist for checkups, cleanings, and whitening can also help keep your teeth looking their best.

Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use and application. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives that can damage teeth and gums. If you consider professional teeth whitening, you can visit a local dentist office.

Plan Ahead for Whiter Teeth

Maintaining whiter teeth at home is possible with care, diligence, and persistence. Implementing the tips suggested in this article can help to whiten and brighten the smile without costly professional help. Commit to the routine and see significant dental improvements. 

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